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Our clients include CEO’s, private equity firms, and venture capital firms.


Business Consulting Services

Our proven “business excel-leration” process and deep operational expertise quickly helps our clients evaluate alternatives and navigate the most challenging and complex situations.   After a thorough assessment of the business, we work hand-in-hand with you to put together an operating and financial plan that is laser-focused, detailed, and provides clear accountability.  We are experts in sales and market expansion, partner acquisition strategies, and other growth acceleration initiatives.  We also help our clients run their businesses better by helping you achieve the highest standards of operational excellence.


CEO Advisory Services

We’ve been in your shoes and understand your challenges.  Unlike any other corporate position, a CEO frequently has no one to turn to when struggling with challenging issues.  It may be difficult to speak to your board, and the topic may be one that can’t be easily discussed with your team.  We can serve as your trusted advisor in these situations and help you “leapfrog the learning curve” whether it’s helping you become a better CEO, helping you fundraise, or assisting with board dynamics to help you run your business more effectively.  Our CEO Advisory Services are never cookie-cutter and are always tailored to your specific needs.


Assessments & Diligence

M&A frequently doesn’t yield the expected results – and the cause is often either poor pre-M&A diligence or poor integration.  Avoid expensive surprises!   As experienced operating executives with a successful track record of M&A, we know that financial diligence is not enough, and that many management teams don’t have the necessary skills to fully diligence and integrate.   Let us help you assess a business before acquisition or investment, and let our expert M&A integration services assist you post-transaction.   We bring expert skills in assessments and diligence, and a cost structure that disappears when the work is done.


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