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Most companies understand the need for comprehensive strategic planning, especially when facing tough situations.  But they’re tight on resources and simply don’t have the bandwidth or the skill sets available in-house to analyze the causes of corporate slow-downs or to plan for a return to growth.

We can give you the help you need when you need it, without the burden of continuing full-time headcount.

Corporate Strategic Planning

We provide an expert and independent set of eyes which can provide new insights to problems the management team has not been able to make progress on by themselves.  We take a 360° view of the business and provide an operations-oriented analytical assessment of the true state of affairs, root cause analysis of issues, and likely outcomes of inaction.  We then work with the management team to develop alternative strategies, hone in on the optimal alternative, and develop plans for growth acceleration and operational optimization that can drive reinvigorated company performance.

Growth Acceleration

Has your company’s growth flattened?   Have your markets or your customers changed, negatively impacting business?  Are you facing strategic challenges due to changes in business or competitive environment? Are you evaluating alternative strategies for increased growth – expanded go-to-market, new markets, or international expansion?  Our business consulting services are led by former operating executives who work hand-in-hand with CEO’s, company leaders, investors and boards to deliver a detailed operating and financial plan for the future growth of the business.

Let our experts help you with:

  • Go-to-Market, Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • International Expansion
  • Partner Development

Operational Excellence

Is your business in a mature or slow-growth market with flat to declining growth?  Are your shareholders demanding improvements in profitability and cash flow?  Do your served markets demand a business-model transformation – hardware to software, one-time to recurring revenue, cloud expansion or product to solution?

Let our experts help you with:

  • Operational optimization services with focus on cash flow enhancement
  • Cost structure alignment
  • Operational reorganization & compensation alignment
  • Business re-engineering and transformation

Corporate Culture Transformation

Corporate culture shapes an employee’s unconscious actions in addition to conscious behaviors.  Transforming a company’s culture is an essential component to achieving the goals of any corporate renewal effort.  We are experts in transforming corporate culture to be more responsive, more accountable, and most of all more efficient.  Contact us to learn how our expert business consulting services can help you transform your corporate culture into a competitive weapon!

Learn how corporate culture can drive significantly increased shareholder returns here.

Technology Transformation

Technological disruption is impacting every company today.  We develop plans to help businesses understand and incorporate 4 key technology trends:

  • Big Data. We assist companies to understand how Big Data is fundamentally changing business economics, and help you understand the value of your data and how to monetize.
  • Cloud. We are experts in understanding how Cloud economics impacts your  business, and can assist you to optimize IT investment, and utilize for competitive advantage and success.
  • SaaS. SaaS is not just about how software is delivered, but has deep implications on the business model, P&L, cash flow, contracts, and every facet of operations.  Learn how to transform into a SaaS business.
  • Mobile. We can help you understand how BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has changed businesses and how to incorporate mobile strategies for growth and improved efficiencies.