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Our CEO Advisory services assist you in situations which can’t always be discussed with your team or your board.

CEO Coaching and Exec Coaching

We help you take your leadership to the next level.   Whether it’s adapting to growth situations or improving performance, our CEO Advisory services can help you acquire the leadership and management skills to improve personal and business performance.

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Team Assessment & Team Process Improvement

Often, issues that show up as teamwork problems are actually due to a missing or ineffective corporate process. We help identify these issues and help the CEO create a much more effective team process.

Learn the secrets of creating “one team” through inspiration and collaboration.


We are experts at messaging, positioning, and presentation preparation and can provide access to sources of funding.

Pre- and Post-M&A Services

Many mid-sized companies simply don’t have the excess management capacity to handle the added strain of integrating a transaction to optimize operational, financial, and human capital performance.  We provide resources to plan and execute a successful acquisition process with focused services that disappear when you don’t need them anymore.

Board Interaction Improvement

Sometimes investor-led board can have extra demands which are difficult to fulfill.  Our years of experience in board interactions, board presentations, and creating smoothly functioning boards, provide invaluable assistance to CEO’s who wish to improve their board interactions.